8 ways to get free blog traffic

May 16, 2020

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How To Drive More Website Traffic For New Bloggers

Every new blogger starts off with a bang, writing a bunch of content that’s absolutely banging!… A month, two months… heck SIX months later and you’re still hearing crickets!

Sound familiar?

This can be especially frustrating if you’re whole purpose of starting a blog is to make money from it. No Traffic… No Income!

Getting more traffic to your blog is going to help you not just build up a warm audience, but also has the potential to provide an amazing income as well.

This blog is going to give you a kick-start to get free blog traffic quickly so you can start to build your empire!   

8 Super Simple Ways To Increase Traffic For Your New Blog

Being new to the blogging industry can sometimes be overwhelming as you need to learn many tips and tricks in order for your site to get traffic and be popular with other people. Though you can generate an income with only a few thousands of page views, you still need to ramp up your traffic and increase it if you want a good-paying network for you.

The great thing about all this is that driving traffic is easier than most people think especially once you know the tricks to do it right. Below are some ways to help you drive and increase traffic to your blog:

1. Pinterest Is A Massive Traffic Driver

We wanted to start with Pinterest because it is is hands down our top recommendation to get free blog traffic… and well.. It’s 100% our jam!… In fact, it drives around 95% of all our traffic to our both of our websites every month! 

The colorful and vibrant world of Pinterest makes it a very popular platform for many bloggers.  It provides bloggers with a way to express their creativity through creating pins and images but also drives great traffic in a short period of time.

You might be wondering how Pinterest actually get free blog traffic to your website?

Pinterest is actually NOT a social media site… It’s actually the third biggest search engine that exists on the internet (behind Google and YouTube).

Each pin is like a magazine cover for your content, working to attract your potential customers.  When pinners click on your pin, it takes them to your website where they can read your blog content. 

The great thing about it is it has the potential to explode your traffic quickly if you’re using the right strategy…

Just check out the growth in our traffic from our other blog ‘Lovely Earth Co.’ where we saw a 100x growth in website visitors in the space of a month.

Using Pinterest To Get Free Blog Traffic To A New Website Lovely Earth Co
Using Pinterest To Get Free Blog Traffic On A New Website: LovelyEarth.Co

This blog was a very new lifestyle multi-niche blog (only a month or two old without any real love given to it). 

We decided to use this website as a test case for seeing how quickly we could grow a brand new blog using ONLY pinterest to distribute our content.

As you can see, we were getting around 6 website visitors a day at the start, and this grew to over 550 website visitors a day within the month! 

Many new bloggers who are new might ask; “How can I make Pinterest work?”  It’s pretty simple really:

  1. Be active on the platform… working your way up to 25-30 pins a day as you get more content (this also includes other people’s content)
  2. Make sure to SEO Your Content in your profile, board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions.
  3. Catch the Attention of Followers by creating colorful and stunning pins that are paired with a text that has a bold statement to make them click it.
  4. Use the power of Tailwind, for incredible results.

Tailwind is hands down the most valuable scheduling tool that works directly with Pinterest. It save us loads of time and means that we can batch our work. It also includes Tailwind tribes wherein you get to choose a group that can help you share your pins and theirs as well which can really boost the amount of traffic you get. 

How long does it take? As a rule of thumb, we spend around 1-2 hours a week on Pinterest strategy.

2.  Leverage The Power Of Google

I’m sure you’re familiar with Google (unless you’re living under a rock)! Google is one of the most popular sites people use for searching for the things they need and want. This is the reason why it is also one of the best ways to get the most of your traffic from.

SEO helps you in increasing traffic to your site by helping your post ‘rank’ when people search for it. This is why it is important to take your time in optimizing your post with relevant keywords as you will not get great quality of traffic but also get higher conversion rates.

In addition, a good tip would be to write a post that gets your audience trust when reading it as they are searched for a certain keyword to look for a solution for what they need. When you are able to solve their problem, they will likely come back to your site or even make a purchase of what you are offering to them.

Always choose a niche that’s in your element and comfortable when writing a post about it as this will reflect when your people read it. Remember to always improve your SEO as this is the key to getting great traffic no matter what niche you’ll write.

As a new blogger, it’s going to be next to impossible to rank for popular keywords in your niche. It’s recommended that you aim to use long tail keywords/phrases for your articles for two reasons. 

  1. Less competition (you have more chance of actually ranking in Google)
  2. Higher quality traffic

Neil Patel recommends long tail keywords for a number of reasons including

  • It’s how people actually search on the internet
  • It’s how you can outrank the competition
  • They provide context to your content
  • They have better conversions rates (higher quality traffic)
  • Fuels your blogging strategy
  • Helps you rank for single words
  • Builds a stronger conversion tunnel
  • Helps with voice assistant searches 
  • Provides more value to the reader
  • Long tail keywords are how you’re getting most of your traffic anyway. 

3.  Leverage Your Email List For Traffic

Finally, one of my favourite major traffic drivers of them all… your Email List!

Your own email list contains people that you have captured the attention of and are subscribed to your blog. They are the ones who really are eager to hear from you without the need to use other platforms that are on the list.

Your email list is your master list which is a no-fail recipe to get free blog traffic.

That said, it is why it’s essential to make it grow more and tend to it by making sure to feed them with valuable material on your blog.

Don’t have an email list? Or struggling to get subscribers?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here’s a free e-Course for learning how to grow your email list faster!


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We use and recommend Aweber as an autoresponder (email provider) because it is the most functional and pricing starts very reasonably for small lists (goes up as you get a bigger mailing list)

There are some free alternatives for if you’re just starting out like 

  • SendPulse.
  • MailerLite.
  • Benchmark.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Drip.
  • SendInBlue.
  • Omnisend.

However… From our experience, the ‘free’ versions of autoresponders can often be missing really useful features.  If the goal is to start growing your email list for your business, then we believe investing in the right tools early on is well worth the headache of having to shift across later on. 

Don’t have much of an email list? Check out this free course that helps you build your email list faster!

4.  Facebook Groups & Pages

Facebook is a popular social platform that can drive more traffic to your blog for free.

If you already have a Facebook Page or Group which has a number of people in them, make sure you’re leveraging this space to send traffic back to your website. 

Around 18 months ago, Facebook did a large update which saw the organic reach of Business Page posts being squashed… Suddenly if you wanted your content to be seen beyond your following/group members, it would mean you’d have to get your purse out. 

In saying that, Facebook Groups can be extremely valuable for your business as it can create an incredible and engaged community (something that Facebook is valuing highly)

Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a public profile that is designed for brands, businesses, organizations, causes, etc. Posting on your facebook page will help your followers or fans click through which in turn allows you to get free blog traffic

Your engagement here is very essential as the more active you are, the more you’ll be able to gain followers and fans. One tip to increasing your engagement is by sharing viral videos relevant to your audience or asking a question in your post so they can answer it in the comments.

Facebook Groups

A Facebook group is a group made for people sharing common interests such as sports, movies, pets, and many more. Let’s say you joined a group that focuses on driving traffic.

It helps by letting you share your blogs on their Facebook pages and therefore allows others to see your blog post links. It’s a great way to get free blog traffic and provide value to the group.

Our Private Facebook Group is where we are building a community of new and upcoming heart-centered bloggers wanting to start and grow a profitable online business with the blogs by driving traffic with Pinterest (yep… told you it was our jam!) You’re welcome to join us using the link below 

The problem with it is that it can be really time-consuming and some of the members may not be your target audience hence won’t get your traffic moving. Although saying this, it’s a great feature to try. Below are some blogging groups that you can find and join on Facebook:

  • Grow Your Blog
  • Blog Support Group
  • Bloggers Supporting Each Other
  • Show Your Blog Love
  • Growing Social Media for Bloggers
  • GimmieLove – Blog & Social Media Engagement Group
  • Social Media Network Group

5.  Instagram

While Instagram is not my first choice for driving traffic to your blog, it is still a free way to do this. 

Why am I not so keen on the gram? It’s because the platform is not designed to send traffic off the site.

For example, when you put a post up on Instagram, there is no facility to be able to add a link back to your blog… 

There is a space in your profile description where you can add a link back to your site, but this poses the problem of if you put up a new blog post, do you leave the link just to your website? Or do you change the link every single time. 

When you’ve grown to over 10k followers on Instagram, you get the added benefit of using the ‘swipe up’ feature which allows you to link to your website when you use your stories. 

Sounds a bit daunting needing to get 10k followers on Instagram before you can do that right? 

Good thing there’s a workaround for those with a smaller following. 

Check out this video by Vanessa Lau as she talks you through her ‘Swipe Up Hack’.

Instagram helps you engage with your followers and tell a story for them using striking imagery, videos, etc. This helps build more followers for your blog or brand. It also uses hashtags to help you increase your visibility to other people. 

Before I forget, You can actually use Tailwind as your Instagram scheduler as well as for Pinterest and it has some pretty amazing features tailored for its use with Instagram. 

6.  Twitter

Another method to help you create traffic is by using Twitter. Tweeting or tweets are a great way for you to drive traffic to your blog. Though it doesn’t last long for it to get the much-needed interaction, you can still tweet frequently to get  visitors to your blog.

You should use hashtags in your ‘tweets’ to make it easily seen by ideal followers and make sure to try and tweet on trending topics to increase your account’s visibility.

7. Reddit Can Send Traffic To Your Blog

Reddit is a platform that uses forums or threads for discussions by its users. Members can submit content to their sites such as links, images, posts, and many more. This will be then voted up or down by other members, and commented on.

You can join subreddits that are related to your niche and submit a link to your blog. If most users agree to like it, it will surely help you drive more traffic.

Simply showing up and answering questions that people have can help you grow a following on Reddit which may, in the long run, result in more website traffic. 

8.  Use Quora To Get Free Blog Traffic

Quora is similar to Reddit. It’s a platform for finding answers to queries that are answered by experts on the subject.

You can use it to drive traffic to your blog as well. When you have expertise on a subject (i.e. health, cooking, decorating, etc.) and answer the questions asked by its users and by providing a link to your blog post to back up your answer. Doing this regularly can help increase traffic to your blog.

We have finally come to an end. Now that you are familiar with different ways to get free blog traffic, it’s up to you to try and see how it works for yourself. 

We believe that trying to be ‘omniprescent’ (on every social media site and search engine), can be really overwhelming and extremely time consuming for new bloggers.  

To remove that overwhelm and to make sure you still actually enjoy blogging, we recommend learning and mastering one strategy is a great way to see really great traction in gaining traffic to your blog without turning your blog into an 80+ hour a week burden. 

If Pinterest is a platform you’d like to learn more about, make sure to sign up to our Freebie Library which is full of resources designed to help you create a profitable online business and fulfilling lifestyle.  Also, make sure you join in on our exclusive Facebook Group

Just remember that getting organic traffic to your website comes down to learning new skills, understanding the platforms and putting in the effort… but it’s a heck of a lot nicer doing it alongside a group of aspirational and ambitious, like-minded people. 

If you found this article helpful, remember to save this to your Blogging Tips board on Pinterest.

8 ways to get free blog traffic

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