Are You Ready to Take Control Of Your Finances?

The Simple Start Budget System

Consider this Excel Budget Spreadsheet your new best friend...
This is the same proven budget I've been using for 30+ years which allowed my husband and I to go from a single income household in the middle of a recession, to debt free with over $7mill in exposed assets! (except I upgraded it to an Excel format instead of pencil and paper so that it can do all the heavily lifting for you) 
Use this budget and spend less than 30 stress-free minutes a month to confidently pay off debt, save for your first home or investment and level up your finances, all without giving up your lifestyle or feeling like you need to live frugally.

The Simple Start Budget System

An easy step-by-step eCourse with a downloadable Excel budget spreadsheet 

designed to ease the financial pressures we face on a day to day basis

Are you ready to access an easy system to take control of your finances?

The two most important goals financially for most people are "become debt free" and "retire early"

However when asked "how's it going for you ?"
most answer with  "mm not that great"

I watched my family lose their business during a recession in the late 80's only to try and re-build their lives in their 50's.  I didn't want this for myself or anyone else, it's devastating. 

I hear you ask...well, what will this help me do?... when It comes down to it, what do I have to do?  

Well...It's quite simple.
The budget I have created will allow clarity around expenses, eliminate the overwhelm of bills and easily project cash-flow, by using this simple spreadsheet for less than 30 minutes a month!  

The skills learnt here can help master money and still have guilt free spending... 

The budget might be simple to fill in, but it is so much more than a basic family budget that is designed to live paycheck to paycheck, this budget helps grow and secure  financial dreams!

The "Simple Start Budget System"


Simple Start Budget System

A simple to use budget system that has been crafted from a proven simple system that I'd created and used for over 30 years.  The SSBS is a very intelligent excel spreadsheet, it can crunch numbers and take the pain out of working it all out!  It only takes around 20-30 minutes a month to start getting results.  It even gives a financial projection based on what you have been spending.
This system has helped me master my money and grow an investment  portfolio.  I didn't extreme coupon, I didn't sacrifice my living while on the journey, because I built in some guilt free spending budgets along the way.  I gained confidence knowing I had the skills to master my money, create a safety net for emergencies and build a financially secure future.

Get instant access to the Simple Start Budget System now!


Small Business Owner

The SSBS's clear step-by-step guide has really helped me...

Being a small business owner, a lot of my money is tied up in my business.  This can make it difficult to generate a personal budget because of a mix of personal and business income/expenses. The SSBS's clear step-by-step guide has really helped me get a handle on just how to clearly account for my personal finances and change the way I look at spending money in general. I'd recommend this for just about anyone at any stage of their life.


Home Duties Manager

What a time saver! I have drilled it down to around 15 minutes a month!

I'm a really busy mom with a couple of kids, I wasn't in the mood to take on more training.  However it was quick and the results have been fantastic! The big bonus is having some guilt free spending!



I can't believe we are now in control...

I just had to let you know that this program is so simple and I can't believe we are now in control and understand our financial position, which is clear and very rewarding

Thanks so much!

"Simple Start Budget System"



Module 1:   Welcome

This module will be about getting you ready with your course workbook & spreadsheet.  You will discover the journey of this budget and what to expect along the way.  We deep dive into the budget start up with talking about income and expenses along with goal planning.


Module 2:   Preparation

Gathering data, here you will be collecting all the past and current information required to fill in the spreadsheet.  You will be getting a breakdown on your income and expenses, learn how to categorize and prioritize them.  This step is the start of mastering money.


Module 3:   The Budget Spreadsheet

You will get 37 minutes of video training for the spreadsheet, demonstrating how it works and how to fill it in.  You will watch scenarios to reveal examples of the spreadsheet and it's powerful calculating ability.  

gain control of finances-min
budget sample

"Before investing in the Simple Start Budget System, I used to think I couldn't have any guilt free spending!
After implementing the SSBS into our lives, we've now mastered our family budget. 
Best of all I have guilt free spending and no fighting about money!
We are working towards paying off our mortgage and building our dream investment portfolio. 
Thank you so much for helping us become the boss of our own finances!"

eCourse and Spreadsheet

The Simple Start Budget System is created on a versatile excel spreadsheet.  So no need for installing anything complex or clunky. 

The formulas provided inside the spreadsheet are complex and intelligent, but simple to use!  

The spreadsheet is set up in a way to maximize your efforts, save time and do some of the thinking for you!  

You will have lifetime access to the eCourse.  Both the eCourse and Spreadsheet are usable on multi devices, including your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.  

You can be on the move...but always in control.

Printable Workbook

You will get a 25 page printable workbook with bonus worksheets.

Worksheet for:

      Setting your goals and dreams

      Breaking it down into categories

      Step-by-step checklist

      Calculation instructions

Bonus worksheets:

      Financial goals worksheet

      Pay of your debt goal

      Goal tracker

      Monthly bill payment tracker

      Monthly auto bill payment tracker

      Assets inventory worksheet

      Debt summary worksheet

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the Simple Start Budget Different?

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Hey There, I'm Linda, and grateful to share this opportunity for you to take control of your finances and start building your dreams.

I've been working with numbers all my life, bookkeeping for over 35 years, running multiple businesses.  

I created this system to work for me, molding it so that I learned to master my money, while enjoying life along the way. I worked out a way to build my safety net, cover vital costs and budget for my goals.  

Most people tell me that what they love most is the "guilt free" spending!!! No one wants to start a budget only to be told... NO to spending.  They absolutely love this part and ...ssshhhh... I think this is the main reason people stick with it!

I'm currently a Co-Founder of, I work with my daughter Katie and together we are Pinterest experts, online educators for bloggers and online business.  My true passion is helping others achieve their best.