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  • Not sure if you can really afford your first home?
  • Dreaming of that once-in-a-lifetime vacation but feeling like it's completely out of reach?
  • Is the bucket list getting longer (not shorter)?
  • Wondering if you have enough for an investment?
  • Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

If you can relate to ANY of these, the Simple Start Budget System can help you!

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gain control of finances-min
Spend less than 30 minutes a month
on your powerful Excel budget spreadsheet to know exactly where you stand financially 365 days a year! 
Experience the thrill of watching your goals come into fruition and gain peace of mind if something unexpected were to happen. 

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"Hi! I'm Linda. Back in the early 90s, my husband I had a single income household, a young family, and a large debt on our home. I witnessed my parents lose their home and their business during a recession, then have to pick themselves back up and rebuild their lives when they were in their 50s. 

I dedicated myself to gaining more financial control in my life and establish a plan that would help me grow my assets. As a result, I developed this budgeting system which allowed my husband and I to become debt-free. We've since built up over $7mill in assets and have started and grown multiple businesses, including A Digital Education which is all about empowering others to achieve more financial freedom through blogging, Pinterest and money management.

Having been a bookkeeper and business owner for decades, I decided to share this same budgeting spreadsheet that allowed me to achieve this success, and put it together in an easy-to-use and extremely powerful spreadsheet for others to benefit from too."

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Small Business Owner

The SSBS's clear step-by-step guide has really helped me...

Being a small business owner, a lot of my money is tied up in my business.  This can make it difficult to generate a personal budget because of a mix of personal and business income/expenses. The SSBS's clear step-by-step guide has really helped me get a handle on just how to clearly account for my personal finances and change the way I look at spending money in general. I'd recommend this for just about anyone at any stage of their life.


Home Duties Manager

What a time saver! I have drilled it down to around 15 minutes a month!

I'm a really busy mom with a couple of kids, I wasn't in the mood to take on more training.  However it was quick and the results have been fantastic! The big bonus is having some guilt free spending!



I can't believe we are now in control...

I just had to let you know that this program is so simple and I can't believe we are now in control and understand our financial position, which is clear and very rewarding

Thanks so much!

Are you ready to access an easy system to take control of your finances?


The Simple Start Budget System

Download this simple, yet powerful budget and financial planning Excel budget spreadsheet and start preparing your future in just 20-30 minutes per month. 

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"Simple Start Budget System"



Module 1:   Welcome

This module will be about getting you ready with your course workbook & spreadsheet.  I'll walk you through the journey of this budget and what to expect.  We deep dive into the budget start up with talking about income and expenses along with goal planning.


Module 2:   Preparation

Gathering data, here you will be collecting all the past and current information required to fill in the spreadsheet.  You will be getting a breakdown on your income and expenses, learn how to categorize and prioritize them.  This step is the start of truly mastering your money.


Module 3: The Budget Spreadsheet

I'll step you through 37 minutes of video training for the spreadsheet, demonstrating how it works and how to fill it in.  You will watch scenarios to reveal examples of the spreadsheet and it's powerful calculating ability.  

eCourse and Spreadsheet

The Simple Start Budget System is created on a versatile Excel spreadsheet which can still be used on Apple devices.  So no need for installing anything complex or clunky. 

The formulas provided inside the spreadsheet are complex and intelligent, but simple to use!  

The spreadsheet is set up in a way to maximize your efforts, save time and do most of the thinking for you!  

You will have lifetime access to the eCourse.  Both the eCourse and Spreadsheet are usable on multi devices, including your phone, tablet, laptop or computer.  

You can be on the move...but always in control.

Printable Workbook

You will get a 25 page printable workbook with bonus worksheets.

Worksheet for:

      Setting your goals and dreams

      Breaking it down into categories

      Step-by-step checklist

      Calculation instructions

Bonus worksheets:

      Financial goals worksheet

      Pay of your debt goal

      Goal tracker

      Monthly bill payment tracker

      Monthly auto bill payment tracker

      Assets inventory worksheet

      Debt summary worksheet

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