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by Katie

December 10, 2019

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How Do Bloggers Make Their Money?

Ever thought to yourself ‘How do bloggers make their money’? So many bloggers seem to provide such amazing and helpful content, but how do they actually earn money from all the work they put in?

Well, there are actually a few ways that bloggers make money.

In this blog, I’m going to share with you the bigger picture of how blogging for passive income works. We’ll discuss why having a blog for your business is so beneficial, and how you can use blogging to improve your business.

In fact, we believe that blogging to market your business is one of the best strategies you can use. It encourages organic traffic, free (or very cheap) leads, and it’s an evergreen marketing model.

On top of that, blogging can be used to introduce a type of passive income that you may not have considered before.

So hold on tight… because after today, you’re going to stop wondering ‘how do bloggers make their money’ and you’ll have a clear idea of how you can use blogging to create your own source of passive online income in a business that you’re actually passionate about.

What Kind Of Blogs Can Make Money?

The beautiful thing about blogs is that you can literally write about any niche and still have the potential to earn money.

Does this mean it’s easy? No.

Turning your blog into a profitable business takes work, a good business model, and a solid business plan.

But, if you’re willing to put the work in, learn new things and commit to showing up consistently. It’s well and truly possible for you to create a profitable business through blogging.

Now, more than ever, people are using their blogs to fund their travels, create a profitable side business to earn income while they stay at home with their kids, or to market an existing business to increase profits and cash-flow.

So… How Do Bloggers Make Their Money?

There are so many different ways for bloggers to make money. Below are some of the most common.

For a list of 25 ways bloggers make money, make sure you check out our other blog.

1. Pay-Per-Click

The first method of making money from a blog is called pay-per-click. This typically uses ad service like ‘Google Adsense’.

You’re probably already familiar with Adsense.

When you go to blogs, you’ll often find ads being served throughout their page. Bloggers will earn money when people click on ads that appear on their page.

Essentially, Google Adsense works in the same way that a typical magazine does… one that you’d buy from a shop, but an online version.

Just like in a magazine, you can sell space on your blog for people to put their ads.

Google Adsense essentially acts as a middle-man, matching up companies who want to display their ads, and bloggers who are willing to sell adspace on their site.

While Google Adsense does provide a way of earning income from your blog passively, it’s not really possible to make substantial income, unless you have an enormous amount of traffic.

If you do have a large amount of traffic, you would be better off using a different ads company which pays higher commissions to content creators.

2. CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions)

Similar to pay per click advertising, is CPM, which stands for cost per 1000 impressions.

Advertisers on your site pay per thousand impressions or views of the ads that are displayed on your site, and you get a cut of that.

Unlike pay-per-click though, no action is actually required from the viewer for you to get paid… You just get paid as the impressions rack up.

An example of this is Mediavine.

3. Private Adspace

On top of selling ad space to companies like Google Adsense, bloggers can also make money by selling their ad space privately.

You can enter into an agreement with another business within a complimentary niche and they’ll pay you directly for allowing them to put their ads on your site.

There are benefits to this in that you can very easily control how many ads are displayed, the content that’s being displayed on your site and you have full control over the terms of the agreement.

This includes the rate you charge, or the length of the agreement.

Obviously, you’ll need a reasonable level of web traffic to make yourself an attractive space for advertising to potential clients.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs allow you to recommend products or services you believe would be helpful to your readers and earning a commission if those readers then go on to purchase through your links.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely powerful way of earning money online, especially for new bloggers.

Commissions can range from just a few cents per purchase to high ticket items, which can enter well into their thousands per sale.

Affiliate programs exist for virtually any product or service that you can imagine. They’re usually free to sign up for and a quick Google Search will let you know if your favourite companies offer them.

One of the biggest affiliate programs in the world is Amazon. Because Amazon is so widely spread throughout the world, this allows you to reach markets anywhere that Amazon, and they have an enormous range of products.

Some affiliate programs will offer ongoing commissions for products that you’ve recommended. Building up recurring commissions can very quickly become a stable source of cash flow for your business.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely popular source of income online because it does not require the capital to create your own products, and you don’t need to deal with any customer service, refunds, processing orders etc.

5. Drop-Shipping / Amazon FBA

Many bloggers also make money using a business model called drop-shipping or Amazon FBA.

Both Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing are widely known as lifestyle businesses because they can be run in and around your life.

Bloggers who are using drop-shipping or Amazon FBA don’t actually need to manufacture, store products or fulfil orders themselves because Amazon or the manufacturer will do that for you.

6. Memberships, Courses & Programs

Bloggers can also make money selling membership courses and programs that they have created themselves.

Most successful bloggers do actually provide their own products, services, or courses of their own to sell to create a passive source of income.

Of course, many courses created also include products or services that they are recommending and earn an affiliate income from.

Creating your own course has become a lot easier now than it used to be. Our courses are hosted on our own site using the Thrive Apprentice platform, and a program called SendOwl which acts as a payment gateway.

7. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are also a common way for bloggers to make money.

Companies may approach a blogger to request a mention or review of their product or service.

Sometimes bloggers actually earn money from this, other times they are compensated by way of receiving free samples from the company itself.

8. Guest Blogging

Another way that bloggers can make money is by being a guest blogger on other people’s sites.

If you’ve built up your blog and your brand to be an authority in your space, smaller blogs who are looking to increase their own traffic can actually pay you to write an article, which they can host on their own site.

And because you’ve got that authority and loyal following, your influence can have a massive impact on their ability to increase the volume on their site.

9. Increasing Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is a softer approach. It involves simply providing value in your niche and attracting potential customers, building up your email list which will result in sales in the long run.

This is true for both bricks and mortar stores and the online business space. Using blogging to market your bricks and mortar business is a strategy that most small businesses are not fully utilising and there is often a massive gap and opportunity for you to increase your business’ cash-flow.

If you’re willing to learn some new skills and start using blogging to improve your business, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition using a (virtually) FREE marketing strategy… So why wouldn’t you?

10. Selling Digital Products

Bloggers can also make money by selling digital products.

Guides, eBooks, images, branding kits, templates, photos, videos, etc.

The beauty of selling digital products is that you only ever have to create that product once, then you can sell it are lo thousands of times wihtout actually having to do any more R&D.

There are loads of programs which can help you create these digital products yourself without the need for expensive outsourcing or a huge amount of technical skill.

For example, Designrr is a software program which was created to help people create professional looking eBooks quickly and easily and it only costs $27.

Canva, a design program that we use pretty much every day, has a number of templates available etc. which you can leverage to create beautiful looking eproducts, and they even have a free version.

In fact, if you’re a bit of a photographer, you can even join Canva’s contributor program and earn money from the images used on their platform.

In Conclusion

Bloggers can make money from their blog in a number of different ways including selling their own products, selling other people’s products and selling space on their site.

For many people starting a blog comes with a dream of having a business that is lifestyle friendly and gives them geographical freedom.

This is completely possible for anyone willing to put the work in to learn new skills and show up consistently.

I do urge you to really understand the business model that is going to suit you most, create a vision and take consistent action, even in the face of challenges.

If you found this blog helpful, let me know what your biggest takeaway was by leaving a comment below and remember to save this pin to your ‘Start A Blog’ board on Pinterest so you can come back to it later.

how bloggers make their money

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