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June 6, 2020

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9 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Content Marketing

When used well, Pinterest can be a massive traffic driver and even bigger asset for your business.  Strangely when I speak to people about using PInterest for content marketing strategy, I usually get a similar response.

…‘but isn’t Pinterest just somewhere you plan your interior design or your wedding?

Even though Pinterest has been around for quite some time now, people are still misinterpreting what Pinterest actually is. 

But as they start to grasp exactly what Pinterest is and what it can do for their business, their eyes soon turn into dinner plates. 

What Is Pinterest And How It Can Help Your Business

Pinterest is often mistaken for a social media platform similar to Instagram.  This is actually not the case.

In fact, it has more in common with Google and YouTube than it does with Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

What does this mean? Pinterest is actually a search engine. 

When you use keywords in your content on Pinterest, people will be able to find your content when they search related terms into the search bar on the platform. 

Pinterest is a very visual platform, and if you’ve ever spent time on the platform before, you’d be familiar with all the eye-catching images that are uniquely Pinterest. 

These images are called ‘pins’ and essentially behave as a magazine or book cover for your content. When that pin catches the attention of your audience, they can click on the pin and it will take them back to your blog posts and other pages of your website to consume the content. 

You then have the ability to monetize your blog traffic.

Because Pinterest gives you the ability to drive traffic back to your website, it gives you enormous opportunity to use this traffic source in a number of different ways for your business. 

Big Difference Between Google And Pinterest

Google is the biggest search engine that exists. It’s absolutely enormous. 

Because of this, it can take months of consistent blogging in a tight niche without seeing any results whatsoever before Google starts to pay attention to you. 

Pinterest, on the other hand can have you seeing results much quicker than Google. In saying that, consistent action on the platform is still really important in seeing those results. 

Below is a screenshot of the growth we’ve seen on a brand new blog we started in February only using Pinterest to disperse the content and only using completely organic (free) strategy.

Over 10,000 website visitors to brand new blog using ONLY Pinterest Content Marketing strategy

This strategy saw us move from a couple of website visitors per day to over 10,000 monthly website visitors within 3 months. 

Hopefully by now you’re starting to realise the potential that lies in using Pinterest for content marketing strategy.

But that really is just the start of it… 

Below I’m going to dive into 9 different reasons to start using Pinterest for content marketing in your business. 

1. Casting A Wider Net

Getting more traffic to your blogs can actually happen in a few different ways.  When these methods of getting more traffic begin to work together they suddenly become very powerful.

When you post a new blog post, we recommend that you put out multiple pins (magazine covers) for the same piece of content. 

Pinterest has no limitations as to how many variations of pins you have for the same URL and actually encourages you to create multiple pin images to distribute your blog providing you are following their best practices when you distribute them.

They’ve clearly indicated that they class fresh content to be either a new URL (blog post / web page) or a new pin image. 

By having different pin designs, you will attract different people.  It makes it easy to see what is working and what isn’t.

2. Build Brand Awareness

Your Pinterest account can be seen as an extension of your website. Using your branding colors and fonts on your imagery will start to reinforce your branding.

Over time this strengthens brand awareness. 

Being consistent will mean that you’ll soon become recognizable as the go-to place to solve your audience’s problems. 

3. Using Pinterest To Boost Content On YouTube

YouTube can be such a valuable tool for your business.

But, most people are completely unaware that you can claim your YouTube channel on Pinterest. 

What does this mean? 

It means that you can send traffic directly from Pinterest to your YouTube Channel. 

Once you’ve claimed your channel, jump over to YouTube, click the ‘Share’ button on your YouTube video and you’ll now have an option to share directly onto Pinterest.

Pinterest users can watch your content directly on the Pinterest platform. This still count as views on your YouTube Channel. 

We recommend also embedding your YouTube video into a blog on your website and creating a set of pins that drive traffic there too. 

Again, these views will count on YouTube.

This method of repurposing your content allows you to get maximum exposure on your YouTube channel.  

We tested this method on a brand new YouTube channel with just the one video on it. This strategy has been giving us consistent views for over 2 months now, reaching over 4000 views.

Consistent Growth Of YouTube Content Using Pinterest Strategy

We did not share this video on any social media accounts. It was not sent to an email list.

If you’ve been doing YouTube for a while now, you’re probably aware than typically you’ll get a spike in views in the first few days and then it drops back.

This video does not organically rank in YouTube as it is a brand new channel with very little authority.

Despite this, Pinterest is driving consistent traffic day in, day out to our YouTube views.

Using Pinterest For Content Marketing Strategy driving majority of traffic to YouTube video

4. Lead Generation

Pinterest users are quite accustomed to the concept of lead generation. 

Pinterest is a platform that is designed to inspire people to discover things they’ve never done before and then go out into the world and actually do those things. 

What does that mean? 

It means that Pinterest is full of warm audiences who love to plan for the future. 

It also means that the mindset of the audience on Pinterest is aspirational and is actively looking for solutions to their problems. 

If you can provide solutions to their problems and you provide value in doing so.

When you’ve mastered this, then you have the perfect storm for lead generation on the platform. 

Use this platform with the mindset of ‘How can I solve their problems’ rather than ‘how can I make them sign up to my offer’ and you’ll do just fine.

5. E-Commerce Sales

Pinterest is such an incredible platform for people who have an E-Commerce business. 

They have a tool called ‘Rich Pins’.

Rich pins pull data from your website including the name of the product, the price and the availability to accompany your image. 

People on Pinterest are considered buyers.  In fact, Pinterest suggests that over 40% of all Pinterest users have an annual household income of over $100k. 

A report from Sprout Social done earlier this year suggested that 85% of pinners have used the platform to plan for life events. 

On top of that, Pinterest users are often the decision makers of the house. 

Again… Perfect storm. 

One thing to note if you’re wanting to use Pinterest for E-Commerce is that your content will work better if you use ‘lifestyle’ type images.

Stock standard white/black background magazine style pictures do not tend to perform well on the platform. 

People on Pinterest want to be inspired so show them images of people using your products and you’ll have more luck. 

6. Long Half-Life Of Pins

Pinterest, when compared with social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has an exceptionally long half-life with regards to distribution. 

Here’s what a report from Epipheo reports

  • Tweets last around 18 minutes
  • Facebook Posts last around 30 minutes
  • Instagram posts around 19 hours (yet can be searched later)
  • Pinterest Pins 3.5 months

Unfortunately, Instagram is not as friendly in terms of sending traffic to your website and aims to keep users on the Insta platform for longer. 

Pinterest on the other hand has a half-life of around 3.5 months for each of its pins. 

The platform is also designed to send traffic to the URL you’ve chosen. 

And remember, Pinterest is a search engine.

If you have properly SEOd you pins and content you, you may still be gaining traffic months, even years down the track. 

7. Pinterest Is Friends With Google

Considering Pinterest and Google are technically competitors, they actually have a really good relationship. 

Getting early traffic onto new blog posts is a great signal to Google that you have good quality content and authority in the space. 

Pinterest can definitely help with that. 

This is why we recommend optimizing your content for Google as well as Pinterest. 

Beyond that, Pinterest also has a unique advantage in that you can keyword the pin images that you are using on the platform. 

If you’ve ever done an image search on Google (which I’m sure you have), you’ve probably seen a collection of Pinterest pins. 

By posting your pins on Pinterest, you’re essentially leveraging the domain authority of Pinterest for your content. 

This is icing on the cake and can actually result in significant website traffic over time. 

This really does highlight the importance of making the effort to create beautiful and well designed pins. 

8. Retargeting 

One very effective strategy when using content marketing is to retarget people who have visited your website. 

If you want to take it up a notch, try using paid Pinterest for content marketing.

You can actually run Pinterest ads to people who have interacted with the pins you have put out.

They don’t even need to have landed on your website!

Pinterest ads are considerably less expensive than other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and are surprisingly well received by pinners. 

Sprout social reports that users of Pinterest say ads on the platform are 1.4x as relevant as other platforms. 

In fact, 1 in 2 people on Pinterest have reported making a purchase after seeing promoted pins. 

9. More Podcast Listeners

Neil Patel has already shown us that podcasting is showing itself to be a massively valuable content strategy for businesses.

Like any other type of content marketing, Pinterest has it’s place in getting more traffic to that content.

Why not embed your podcast episodes on a blog post in your website?

You can create pins for each of your podcast episodes and drive traffic directly there for more listeners.

This strategy is massively underutilised for podcasters which shows an enormous amount of opportunity on the platform.

Will You Be Using Pinterest For Content Marketing? 

Using Pinterest for content marketing is like adding a turbo booster. 

It’s such an incredibly underutilized platform which can pay off ten fold. 

If you’re looking for more advice on Pinterest strategy, fill in the form below and get access to our freebie library. 

We’ll also keep you updated with other useful Pinterest and online business information. 

If you found this helpful, remember to save this pin to you content marketing or blogging tips board on Pinterest.

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