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August 27, 2019

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YouTube As A Marketing Tool For Small Business

Did you know only 5% of small business owners are using YouTube as a marketing tool for their business? 

Considering this trend, it springs to mind that maybe business owners are just unaware of the benefits of using YouTube for marketing.

Promoting your business on YouTube is one of the best ways to build trust, gain authority and using YouTube to grow your business is such an underutilized opportunity. 

So this article is going to cover 7 reasons why YouTube for Small Businesses is a MUST in this new digital economy.

Hey Small Business Owners! Do you know the seven benefits of YouTube for business marketing?

Well, I’m here today to share those benefits so you can start promoting your business on YouTube and get growing your business quicker! 

Your business can benefit by using YouTube as a marketing tool for your small business by having a few things.

  1. Interesting content to share
  2. A personality
  3. As well as a brand
  4. And actually, having a face to your brand has proven to increase your leads and sales

Video is a super powerful tool in your small business marketing strategy.

That being said, YouTube used by Australian small business is still very small compared to Facebook and Twitter and other social media.

Now, according to the 2018 Census, social media report 34% of our Aussie Large businesses use YouTube as a marketing tool for their business. 

So I think it’s time for small businesses to take some of that lion share because it’s a very underutilized marketing strategy to help your business.

Example of how to use YouTube to grow your small business

So let’s get into the SEVEN benefits!

1. Promoting Your Business on YouTube By Demonstrating Your Products.

YouTube allows you, your customers to see your products in action before they buy.

Regardless of whether it’s a physical product, service experience or digital, this can be particularly useful for businesses with limited physical distribution channels and this includes those who mostly sell over the Internet. 

2. Creating a Community Around Your Small Business.

You could use YouTube as a tool to engage and share with your customers by being able to share footage from events or customers using your service or products. 

Using YouTube As A Marketing Tool By Demonstrating Your Products

3. Using YouTube as a Marketing Tool To Demonstrate Your Expertise. 

Gaining credibility is all part of your marketing strategy and what better way than to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Now you could upload tutorials or videos and tips about your products or services and you could even link other experts videos that’s in your niche.

4. Leverage Your Access To YouTube and Save On Bandwidth!

Now, something you probably haven’t really thought about, YouTube lets you embed video content on your website without increasing your site’s bandwidth. Now, how cool is that!
This means you can re-purpose your videos on your blog or your website and drive more traffic without slowing down your customers download speed experience.

5. Show Your Brand’s Personality and GROW Your Small Business With YouTube

Now imagine being able not only to add color and movement to your business image, but share video footage from the point of origin. 

For example, you run holiday apartments in the tropics. You could include in your marketing plan to not only show them the rooms and the pool, but you’ll also show them the environment, the tropical rainforests, the waterfalls,  the snorkelling, all the experiences people travel to the Tropics for.

6. Using YouTube for marketing by leveraging your promotions or events. 

Now, do you run an event site, a seminar for a consulting firm? You could share the highlights by YouTube.

As long as you have permission from the talent, YouTube gives you the ability to replay successful events by showing video footage to people who weren’t there and getting others excited about the next event.

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7. Solving a customer’s problem

We all love these videos or video is a great way to answer frequently asked questions or help troubleshoot some common problems with your products.

By being proactive and acknowledging an issue, it shows customers how to deal with it rather than letting the market do it for you and criticise your product in the process. 

For example, posting a video on how to install the product or the best settings to use or use the software the list can go on. Now you also have an opportunity to offer solutions to people who don’t even know about your product yet. Now, every day people post questions into search engines asking how to solve their problems.

Demonstrating your product and posting onto YouTube is a great way to bring your products to the attention of the people who need it.

Make a list of questions people might have and you and your business can solve for them.

Create the video content to help them with just that that builds trust, credibility, and traffic.

Using YouTube to Solve Customer's Problems by Explaining Products

So let’s recap over the seven reasons why YOUR business should use YouTube.

  1. Demonstrating your products 
  2. Creating a community
  3. Demonstrating your expertise
  4. Saving bandwidth
  5. Show your brand’s personality
  6. Leverage promotions or events
  7. Solving customer’s problems. 

We’ll continue to work on more valuable content for you, so if you would like to see some more info on setting up your YouTube business account or even how to upload your first YouTube video, let me know in the comments below and we’ll get onto it. 

If you found this article helpful, please let me know by leaving us a comment in the section below. We do read all the comments and love to get back to you! 


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