March 8, 2021

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Looking for more views on your YouTube channel? Embedding your YouTube videos into blog posts is a super easy way to repurpose your YouTube views and get more views racking up.

If you’re anything like us, you cringe at the thought of another time-consuming job being added to your list of things to do…

So in this blog, we are going to remove the overwhelm by walking you through three super simple ways of turning your YouTube video into a blog post in 10 minutes or less!

1. Use Designrr To Instantly Turn YouTube Video Into Full Blog Posts

We stumbled across Designrr Premium a few years ago and our jaw almost hit the floor!

They’ve made it so easy to repurpose content you already have into so many different formats.

You can simply enter your YouTube URL, hit go and let the software do it’s thing.

Designrr Premium lets you turn YouTube videos, Podcasts (and other audio and video files) into blog posts, ebooks, flip books, kindle books, and so much more – so not only can you create blogs posts for your website, but you can easily create digital products that you can sell, or use as lead magnets for growing your email list!

Check out the short 2 minute video below which shows you how it works.

It has a highly accurate in-built transcription software which we love! It means we can create our own subtitles (captions) without having to pay by the minute for services like

You can then add those captions directly to your YouTube video –

So… Much… Faster!

Designrr will also pull screenshots from your YouTube video to use in your blog posts, ebooks etc. This means you don’t need to go through the video yourself and waste time creating images.

This is incredibly helpful for any step-by-step or ‘how-to’ type videos you may have.

Once the video has been transcribed, it’s a simple click of a button to then create your high quality blog post!

You can then embed your actual YouTube video into that blog so your audience can watch the video on your blog. Then, watch those views start racking up on your YouTube video.

Not sure how?

You’ll find an instructional video at the bottom of this blog post (See what I did there?)

You can learn more about Designrr or get access to the software here

2. Leverage Trends To Repurpose Your Videos

Imagine you have a tutorial teaching people a special way to wrap odd-shaped gifts.

While your video on YouTube may not specifically call out a particular occasion for wrapping gifts, but your blog posts certainly can.

Why not create a post that talks about Christmas gift ideas, while embedding your YouTube video in there as a tip for wrapping awkward shaped gifts.

You can then go on to create a post for Easter, Birthdays, Mothers Day Gifts, or any other relevant season or event…

pinterest trends tool
Using Pinterest Trends to identify trending traffic sources

Pinterest LOVES fresh ideas.

So finding new and exciting ways to frame your existing content can help you rank for many more keywords, expanding your reach on Pinterest and collecting a lot more views and subscribers!

Of course, you’ll have your video is on each of these blog posts and racks up the views from each of these because you’re providing value to your audience by having it there.

Pinterest is the absolute gold standard for leveraging trends and seasons.

If you aren’t already using Pinterest to grow your YouTube channel, this is one strategy you don’t want to miss out on.

They are two of the world’s largest search engines and have a very special relationship in regards to generating evergreen views for your channel.

Embed Your YouTube Video & Write A ‘Summary Post’

Possibly the simplest of all ways of repurposing your YouTube Video into a blog post, is to simply embed your YouTube video into a blog, and write a short 250 words (or so), explaining what your audience is going to get from watching your video.

Of course, you can expand beyond this 250 words if you choose, but if you’re short on time, 250 words is a good target to aim for, and shouldn’t take long to write.

If you’re not sure how to embed a YouTube video into a blog, check out the video below (see what I did there?)

We hope you found this blog helpful!

Let us know in the comments below which of these three methods is your favourite and feel free to share with friends that might also find this useful!

Don’t forget to save this pin for later to your Pinterest account so you can refer back to it at any point!

repurpose youtube videos into blog posts

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