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August 5, 2020

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Pinterest just loves fresh content and they reward you for doing it! The new Pinterest updates left us feeling frustrating and overwhelmed with the need to create so many more pin designs and repinning to less boards. But when we refined our process and discovered a way of how to create beautiful Pinterest Pins quickly, suddenly it didn’t seem so bad anymore.

In this blog, we’re sharing with you how to create beautiful Pinterest pins quickly and easily so that you can save tonnes of time and allow yourself to focus on more important things in your business (and your life).

We joined Pinterest for our business and I can’t tell you enough how powerful and easy it is to drive traffic to your website, blog, eStore, YouTube and more! With the right training, this can happen so much faster.

What Is Considered Fresh Pins On Pinterest?

Here’s a visual example of how they reward you, we’ve used PINS to resemble their priority for showing you to an audience.

Fresh Pins on Pinterest can mean either a fresh URL (web page) or a fresh Pin Design

This explains why big accounts who were re-pinning their content to a big list of both their own boards and group boards saw their accounts tank with the recent Pinterest algorithm update.

Their account was full of repins which Pinterest clearly doesn’t favour.

To rectify this and start getting traction again, the goal is to get as many brownie points with Pinterest as possible, meaning new blogs/URLs, or fresh pin designs for existing blogs/URLs.

Obviously, when time is limited, it’s much quicker to create new Pinterest pin images than to write a whole new blog post… and this is exactly why we decided it was high time to really nail how to create beautiful Pinterest pins quickly!

Why Pinterest Wants Fresh Content

So when Pinterest encourages new content from creators just like you, it’s important to remember that they always have both you and their Pinners in mind.

Did you know that there are more than 250 million people each month using this platform to discover and be inspired?

Pinterest had over 175 billion Pins, that is up 75% from last year! Whaaat… this is epic!

But here’s the real kicker. A study by Robert J Moore suggests that back in 2012, a whopping 80% of all pins on Pinterest were actually repins and not original content.

Although this data is already 8 years old, I believe this to be a very big clue as to why Pinterest is encouraging content creators to… well… create.

Pinterest does not want to become a stale platform.

Pinterest wants to turn the tables on those eye opening statistics and get back to what their primary mission is… To inspire people with new and fresh ideas.

They do not want to become a stagnant platform.

If you’re anything like us, you prioritise a life outside of blogging, yep… spending time with the kids, enjoy cooking and all other things that make us feel good,

It comes down to finding ways to be more productive in your business.

Step By Step Guide : How To Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins Fast!

We’ve been using Canva Pro for a number of years now, and we absolutely love it.

While Canva has a free version, we find the small investment each month saves us loads of time and is just so much more user friendly.

We’ve also tried other programs like RelayThat, which on paper looked really promising in creating large batches of pins quickly.

But, after buying the program we felt that the speed in creating Pin variations did not outweigh the designs it produced.

Although RelayThat was quicker to create the pin images, I wasn’t willing to compromise beautiful pin images and it wasn’t long before we went back to Canva.

Perhaps, over time, RelayThat will be refining its technology to improve this feature, which I would be very much looking forward to.

Example: How To Create 30 Beautiful Pin Images

Here’s the formula we would use to create 30 pins.

(3 Blog Posts) x (2 Headlines) x (5 Pin Templates) = 30 Pieces of Fresh Content!

To show you what this looks like as a chart, We’ve provided a visual presentation.

work flow for how to create beautiful pinterest pins fast
Work flow for how to create beautiful Pinterest pins quickly

From just 3 blogs we can create 30 pins quickly and easily!

Breaking it down makes it seem a lot more doable right?!

We use this formula whether I want to create pin images for 1 blog or 10 blogs…it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take long to get a whole stack of pins lined up ready to pin to Pinterest.

To keep things from feeling too stale, we typically have around 30 templates in our Canva folders.

You don’t need to use all 30 templates each time you create a batch of pins, but it means you can pull from any of these templates as we’re creating and it carves off a lot of time.

This prevents us from having to create pins from scratch all the time and ensures that we always have our branding (e.g. logo/URL), our branding fonts and colours.

I normally use around 10 different pin designs at a time… This quickly turns into a LOT of content quickly.

Here’s how it works out.



Let’s step through this together for 3 blogs.

But before you start, make sure you can access your Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics

STEP 1 – Pick your 3 best performing blogs

Google Analytics

Find your most popular content by checking your Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics accounts to see what ones are getting the most visits.

Pinterest Analytics

If you don’t have a Pinterest business account set up, you won’t find your Pinterest analytics, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up your business account to actually collect that data. This includes saves, clicks, impressions, etc.

Email Autoresponder

You can also keep an eye on any particular emails you’ve sent to your subscriber from your autoresponder (e.g. Aweber) to get hints as to what your audience is loving the most!

If you haven’t already started building your email list, this is definitely something you should start doing ASAP, as it’s proven time after time to be the ultimate gold in your business.

If you don’t know where to start, this free list building e-course will give you a lot of clarity around the importance of an email list and how to get started from scratch.

aweber email list building

Best Lead Generation / Sales Pages

Also consider which pieces of content are moving your business ahead the most. Do you have a specific blog post or sales page that converts well?

Thrive Leads is the lead capture plugin for a number of different reasons, but one particularly useful reason is to be able to see which blog posts and lead captures are converting the best. They have really good analytical data on the back-end and allow you to easily split test lead capture forms.

If you know certain blog posts are converting better than others into your business, it only makes sense to make sure you have a steady stream of traffic going to those blog posts.

STEP 2 – Create 2 Pin Titles for each Blog Post

By preparing two or more pin titles, you are casting a wider net to connect to your target audience.

Once you have identified phrases or words that might inspire your ideal client to click, you are ready to start brainstorming Pin Title ideas.

If the creative juices aren’t flowing when it comes to coming up with different pin titles or headlines, grab a copy of our free headline swipe file and be sure to include Pinterest Keywords throughout your Pin Titles and Descriptions.

Here’s an example.

Pin Title 1: 3 Tips To Save Time and Be More Productive

Pin Title 2: Be More Productive and Save Time with these 3 Tips

If you can come up with more than just 2 pin titles & descriptions you have the potential to expand your reach and your audience because you are including different keywords.

Step 3: Mixing Up Your Pin Designs

Having a well organised set of templates is one of the best ways for how to create beautiful Pinterest pins quickly.

Doing this has helped me become more efficient with my time and means I can churn out pins, even on days when the creativity isn’t flowing.

Ideally, aim to have 20-30 (or more) templates that you can pick from.

Generally, I enjoy making loads of different templates to choose for the mood or the message of my Pin, but I urge that you stick with your branding fonts and colours where possible so your Pins are easily recognisable.

This is great for the customer journey to your blog, or sales page.

If your pin colours/fonts etc. are completely off brand, it can cause your website visitors to be a little like… “Wait a minute… is there where I’m meant to be???” even if they don’t really realise they’re doing it.

The journey from pin to page should feel seamless to your customer.

The aim is to build fans and followers suggesting they click and save your lovely new pins to read now or save to read for a later date from their Pinterest Boards.

Here are some of the Pin designs we’ve created using different variations of our templates and the system outlined in this blog.

Bonus Pinterest Design Tips

  • If you only have one image to use, try flipping the image or zooming in/out to give the picture a different look.
  • Where possible, use images with whitespace so you can read the font on your pin clearly
  • If your image doesn’t have white space, create it using a solid colour block.
  • Avoid using handwritten fonts – Pinterest’s AI struggles to read it which can reduce your organic spread.
  • Remember that Pinterest is an ‘inspirational’ platform. Always aim to inspire.

Don’t forget to bring other types of Pins into the mix.

  • Video Pins
  • Carousel Pins
  • Long Pins
  • Static Pins
Pinterest pin size Infographic
Save This Pinterest Pin Size Infographic to your Pinterest to come back to later

Step 4: Get those Fresh Pins onto Pinterest

This is the final leg of how to create beautiful Pinterest pins quickly! It’s time to share and schedule… pin, pin, pin.

But how do you publish your fresh pins to Pinterest?

  • Pin directly to Pinterest?
  • Schedule with Pinterest Scheduler?
  • Schedule with Tailwind?
  • Pin to your blog first, then share to Pinterest?

Whoah! That’s confusing you say!…

Hang on.. Lets simplify this. Trust me it’s not that bad, just depends what stage of your blog you are up to.

Posting Fresh Pins On Pinterest For A Newly Published Blog

If you want to add all of your pins to the blog post and you don’t want to clutter up your beautiful post we suggest using “GROW” by Mediavine. It’s extremely handy and a trusted and tried social share plugin. It costs $29 a year but is one of the most useful tools we use as bloggers.

The plugin will hide your images until someone goes to PIN and then, up pops a thumbnail of the hidden pins to choose from.

This makes the page quicker to load but gives you a change to test images and see what is most popular when pinning from your site

Share Straight To Pinterest

You may want to upload your Pin images directly to Pinterest if you have LOTS of pin images that you’ve created and you don’t want them all on your blog.

Another time you may prefer to do this is if you are creating new pin images for an old blog post.

To do this, use their “Add New Pin” (the red + symbol).

How To Create A Pin On Pinterest

It’s super simple to do this manually and upload them immediately, or schedule them for a later time/date using Pinterest’s scheduler.

The biggest downfall that we find with the Pinterest scheduler is that you can schedule your content out no more than 14 days in advance

Scheduling Your Pins With Tailwind

Unlike the Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind can schedule out months in advance. Tailwind has a lot of really cool features, but being it’s ability to schedule content in advance so easily is one of the biggest reasons we use it.

It means I can batch content better and this saves me a lot of time in the long run.

Tailwind is a very popular scheduler and one of those tools that is clever at leveraging your time, and that’s what we are all about.

The more time we can save with smart tools even if they do cost a few dollars each month, it beats me sitting at my desk all day day in and day out!

Tailwind has a full-function free trial which you can access here.

How To Add New Pins (Fresh Content) To Your Tailwind Scheduler

  1. Click on the +Create New Pin
  2. Choose your Board/s
  3. Add a Keyword Title [character limit]
  4. Add Description [keywords – character limit]
  5. Destination URL – your blog post
  6. Add to Tribe – option [most relevant tribe]
  7. Little Clock – you can choose a set day/time or
  8. Add to Queue

We schedule our new pins every 3-5 days or around 8-10 pins over 30 days.

You should also pin your newest content first, giving them the priority time slots. After that, you can then pin your best blogs, followed by other people’s pins to fill the gaps. (filling our scheduler)

I hope you found this blog helpful. If you’re feeling stuck for creativity or just not sure where to start in creating your templates, make sure you pick up the 5 x free Canva Templates from our Shop to get you started!

how to design beautiful pinterest pins super fast plus free templates

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