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December 8, 2020

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Video pins are just one type of pin that Pinterest has available to us as content creators that we can use to grow our account and our presence online. And while there are many benefits of using video pins in your Pinterest strategy, for many, not knowing how to make Pinterest video pins quickly and easily can prevent them from utilising this powerful tool in the Pinterest arsenal.

If you can relate to this, then I have good news! This blog is going to walk you through four different ways you can use Canva to create video pins.

The Benefits of Using Pinterest Video Pins

Video pins started becoming very popular over the last few years, allowing content creators to gain big traction in impressions and engagement.

And while technically video pins can actually link back to your website/blog just like a typical image pin, many who used video pins were getting a lower click through rate.

This is because the majority of people using Pinterest are on mobile phones.

Where users would normally click on an image pin and be taken through to the website, clicking on a video simply pauses the video.

As a result, many users on the platform would watch the video, save the video or react to the video because they don’t actually understand how to click through to the website itself…

Frustrating; I know!

But the thing is that we need to be looking at our overall Pinterest strategy.

This involves brand awareness, not just getting clicks to our website where we can capture emails and make sales.

Improving our brand awareness using tools on Pinterest like video pins and story pins, means that we can gain a stronger following.

As a result we gain a greater ‘warmer’ audience who engage with our other content, essentially resulting in higher volume working its way through your funnel and converting into subscribers and/or buyers.

The importance of video pins should not be underestimated.

How To Make Pinterest Video Pins

Mostly, we use Canva to make our Pinterest video pins because it’s incredibly easy to use, and even if you don’t have much of a budget (or any at all).

If you aren’t already using Canva for creating your social media graphics, use this link and create yourself a free account, or test out Canva Pro (their paid version) for 30 days for free using this link.

There are 4 different ways to make Pinterest video pins using Canva.

1. Add a Video To A Standard Pin Template

Canva has dozens and dozens of Pinterest pin templates that you can use, or if you’re feeling creative you can create your own.

It doesn’t matter if the templates that you’re using are video pin templates or image pin templates, it is incredibly easy to add a video to the template.

Canva has an enormous range of Static and Video Pin Templates For You To Use

Canva also has a whole range of videos in its library for you to use.

If you have a free Canva account, you’ll get access to some of the videos without charge, but you’ll also find there to be a number of videos that you’d need to pay for if you chose to use them.

You can also upload your own (short) videos to Canva which you can use in your pins.

Once you’ve chosen the video you want to use in your Pinterest video pin and added it to your design, you’ll see a scissor icon above the design which will allow you to shorten the clip as much as you’d like.

Use the snip tool when video is highlighted to adjust the length of the video

Keep in mind that Pinterest requires a minimum of 4 seconds for your pin to be classed a video pin, and that people who see your pins on the platform as they’re scrolling through cannot hear any sound unless they actually click on the pin for a close up.

With this in mind, adding text to your video pin can help so that people know what it is they’re watching and why.

Once your design is complete, you can download the video pin as an mp4 file and upload it to the Pinterest platform, or through the Tailwind pin scheduler.

2. Adding Animated Elements To Your Pins

Inside of Canva, you’ll find a tab that says ‘Elements’. You can set the filter to only show you animated elements, then use the search bar to find elements that suit your design.

These animated elements are like small gifs which can help you draw attention to certain aspects of your design.

As with the video library, certain elements will be available to the free account of Canva, while others will only be available to Canva Pro accounts unless you’re wanting to pay.

Make pinterest video pins in animated elements in Canva
Use animated elements in Canva to create Pinterest Video Pins

Once your design is complete, you can download the ‘video pin’ in the same way that you would a typical video pin, by downloading the video as an mp4 then uploading it to Pinterest either manually, or through the Tailwind pin scheduler.

3. Animating Your Design

To animate your entire design, simply design a pin as you normally would, keeping in mind best practices for engagement.

Once you’ve completed your design, you can the animate the pin, by clicking on the ‘animate’ icon above the design on the left hand side.

Animate Your Pinterest Pins in Canva
Use the ‘Animate’ tool to add movement to image pins (therefore creating a ‘video pin’)

You’ll then be given different options for your animation and how you’d like your pin to move.

As with the elements and video library, there are a number of animations that are available to you on the free account, and others that will require either a Canva Pro membership or payment to use them.

Once you’re happy with the pin design and the animation, you can go ahead and download the video pin as an mp4 file and then upload it to Pinterest as you normally would.

4. Multi-Page Video Pins

To create a slightly more complex Pinterest video pin using Canva, you can create multiple pin designs underneath each other which will essentially become different slides in the same video.

You can opt to animate each of these video pins using the ‘animate’ tool as we did in the previous instructions, and set the time for how long you’d like each pin to display in the total video.

Once you’ve set your pin designs, animations and time lengths, you can then hit the play button near where you would download your pin design and watch the video pin play in full.

check out your video pin before downloading
Watch the full video pin before downloading by using the play button above your design

You will see the video working its way through each of the pin designs that you put together in succession.

If you’re happy with how it looks and the timing, you can go ahead and download the Pinterest video pin as an mp4.

To ensure that your video pin includes all of your slides, make sure that you have ‘all pages’ selected before downloading them.

If you’re wanting to batch create video pins on Canva and don’t want them stitched together, when you go to download your design, you’ll need to make sure that you only select the pages and download one at a time, otherwise it will stitch them together (unless that’s what you’re wanting to do).

3 Tips For Creating Successful Pinterest Video Pins

1. Frame Your Content In Different Ways

Try to frame your content in different ways to appeal to a different audience or inspire them/educate them in different ways.

Pinterest wants fresh content, so taking the time to be intentional with the content that you create will help your account grow.

2. Use Different Headlines

Using different headlines can attract a different set of people and prevents your account seemingly posting the same content over and over again.

This, in turn, can improve your overall engagement on your account which tells Pinterest that you’re doing the right thing.

If you struggle coming up with creative and catchy headlines, grab a copy of our headline generator – Drop your topic in the top and it does all the work for you!

3. People Can’t Hear Your Pin

As people are scrolling through the Pinterest smart feed, related pins or search results, they can see your pin moving, but they can’t actually hear anything.

If your video requires sound for it to make sense to your audience, provide context by including text elsewhere on your pin or by adding captions to your pins so that people can read it.

When people click on the pin to create a close up, then they’ll be able to hear sound.

But… Don’t rely on this!

Instead, focus on being able to get their attention and provide enough context so that your audience will take the next step in the journey.

In Conclusion

Creating Pinterest video pins using Canva is super simple.

Canva make it so easy to be incredibly creative and come up with unique and inspiring designs for your audience.

To learn about best practices for Pinterest pin designs, make sure you check out our other blog here.

If you found this useful, remember to save this pin to your Pinterest account so you can come back to it later. And drop me a comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

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