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July 10, 2020

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3 Simple Ways To Do Keyword Research On Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine, and so keyword research is obviously very important to do keyword research specific to Pinterest’ platform. It’s actually important for a two main reasons
Provide content that your audience actually wants to see
To include keywords in your content so that Pinterest knows where to place your content
So in this article, I’m going to walk you through 3 simple ways to do keyword research on Pinterest.

Before we really dive into keyword research, it’s important to understand a bit about the type of people that are actually using Pinterest.

Pinterest has told us that around 80% of its users are using the mobile app (not the desktop).

Because of the user behavior of Pinners, it only makes sense when we statistics suggesting that around 80% of all searches on Pinterest are between 1-3 words… They don’t type as much!

It also explains how we can leverage the search function on Pinterest to understand our audience and their needs further, which we’ll get to in just a moment.

1. The Search Bar

The first way to discover keywords on Pinterest is to use the search bar.

When you’re on Pinterest and you’re looking for something, you would normally use the search bar at the top.

As you start typing in a search term, Pinterest will suggest to you keywords around the topic you’re writing about.

These keywords will be presented to you in order of popularity so you can sift through the keyword suggestions and make note of any of these keywords that are relevant to your audience or the content that you are considering creating.

You can even use these keywords to come up with ideas for new content.

Use the search bar in Pinterest for the Pinterest Keyword Research
Use the search bar in Pinterest to find relevant keywords for your audience and content

For example, if the topic is Pinterest, try using different letters of the alphabet to have a good browse around the different keywords that pop up.

You’re likely going to discover keywords that you hadn’t even considered before but are a perfect fit for what you are trying to achieve.

Come into this from the perspective of… ‘what would my target market be searching for? And does it fit the solution I can offer?’

Explore different keywords in Pinterest by using main keywords in the search bar
Search bar in Pinterest being used for Pinterest Keyword Research
Pinterest keyword research strategy using the search bar
Explore different keywords using the Pinterest search bar

2. Pinterest Bubbles/Buttons

When you type a search term to Pinterest and hit enter, you’ll find a length of bubbles underneath the search box.

These are suggested ‘extensions’ to your keywords or more ‘long tail’ keywords and are suggested to users to really narrow down what they’re actually looking for.

Use the suggestion bubbles in Pinterest search as a Pinterest Keyword Research technique
The Pinterest ‘Bubbles’ give you suggested keyword extensions

As I mentioned earlier, the majority of Pinterest users are on mobile.

Pinterest’s functionality of these buttons make it very easy for pinners to narrow their search with a single tap of their screen.

And although Pinterest hasn’t come out and said it directly, it also stands to believe that the most popular ‘bubbles’ or keyword extensions are on the left of the screen.

As you scroll to the right of the bubble list, they become less of a searched ‘term’.

This means that users are less likely to need to scroll through the bubbles to find what they’re looking for – in essence, a better user experience.

Pillar Keywords

We consider a keyword to be a Pillar Keyword if there are at least 10 bubbles showing up when you make a search. Longer tail keywords on Pinterest will only show a couple of bubbles or even none at all.

The more specific your keywords are, the less competition you have to rank for that term, and also less search volume (there’s still plenty of traffic to go around).

3. Free Pinterest Keyword Tool

Pinterest’s ad section gives us the ability to look through keywords in a different way.

And although we won’t actually be creating an ad in Pinterest, we can actually use the ‘Ads’ section on your Pinterest account as a free Pinterest keyword tool to find high volume keywords to use in your content.

Keep in mind that ‘longer tail’ keywords may not necessarily appear in the Pinterest Keyword Planner, so it’s worth using both methods of keyword research to come up with a list of relevant keywords for your content.

To get to the Pinterest Keyword Research Tool, go to the ‘Ads’ dropdown menu on your Pinterest account and select ‘Create Ad’.

If you aren’t able to find this on your own Pinterest acccount, make sure you’ve set up your Pinterest account as a ‘Business Account’, not a personal account.

Where to find the Free Pinterest keyword tool
Where to find the Free Pinterest Keyword Research tool in the Ads section

You do not need to fill in any of the ‘Campaign’ details, you can just go ahead, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Continue’.

You can then scroll down past ‘Targeting’ and ‘Interest’ until you get to the ‘Keywords’ Field.

Use the free pinterest keyword tool in the ads section to do pinterest keyword research
Free Pinterest Keyword Marketing Tool Found in the ads section of a Pinterest Business Account

You’ll then be able to type in a broad search term and a number of suggestions will be given to you underneath with a very rubbery search volume.

This is currently the only way to see Pinterest Keyword Search Volumes.

As you can see in the image above, these search terms are bringing in 5m+ monthly searches on Pinterest.

Scroll through the suggested topics and click the little + icon next to any of the keywords you want to keep record of, and they will be automatically brought across to the section on the left.

Once you’re finished, you can simply highlight all the keywords you’ve saved, copy and paste them to where you are keeping record of your relevant keywords.

Productivity Tip for Your Pinterest Keywords

We use a cover sheet for each blog and filing system as part of our ‘blogging workflow’ to keep organised so we can refer back to these keywords quickly and easily when creating new pin designs, titles and descriptions.

We also have a spreadsheet in our Bloggers Workstation where we keep track of our primary keywords that we use regularly throughout our entire account SEO, and those that we sprinkle throughout our content regularly.

Having a good record of this saves us a LOT of time and helps us ensure we are focusing on creating the right content for our audience.


  1. Use Pinterest Keywords to optimise your entire Pinterest account, not JUST your pin titles and descriptions.
  2. Don’t foget to also research relevant hashtags for your content to help maximise early engagement on your pins.

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