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September 2, 2020

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How To Curve Text In Canva

Can You Curve Text in Canva?

Strangely, there’s no automatic curving capability in Canva, however it is still possible to curve text in Canva manually. Here’s how!

ALERT! CANVA now have Curved Text! Yay! It’s in ‘Text Effects’

Canva is absolutely loaded with features which can make your graphics stand out. Canva is the #1 most used tool in our business for creating Pinterest pin designs.

Despite Canva being a godsend in terms of easy graphic design, the ability to automatically curve text in Canva is strangely missing.

Never fear!

There is a way around this feature not being available in Canva. Below are both video and written instructions for how to manually curve the text in Canva.

The video below will start at the correct time for the curved text.

Hot Tip!

If you love curved text, we recommend saving a copy of the curve text you’re about to design into one of your Canva folders so that you can use this as a template for next time you need it.

This will save you loads of time and takes away the heavy lifting.

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How To Curve Text in Canva Step By Step Instructions.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Learn how to curve text in Canva with these step by step Canva instructions for beginners.

  1. Use a Circle Element As A Guide

    Select either a circle element or an image with a curved surface and place it on your design. Resize the circle so that it reflects the size you want your text to be. This will be used as a guide for placing your letters.step 1 create curved text in canva

  2. Create Your Letters

    Each letter of your word should have it’s own text box and all letters should be the same size (however big you want the text).adding a new text box for each letter to curve text

  3. Position The Letters

    Each letter should be positioned on the edge of the curve (the circle element you created in step 1 and rotated to appear at a 90 degree angle to the edge of the circle. Space the letters out evenly. positioning the letters at a 90 degree angle to the balloon to curve the text

  4. Group Letters and Rotate

    Once you are happy with the spacing of your letters, you may find that the letters aren’t centred. To fix this, click on the circle and lock it into place so that it can’t move. Then, highlight all of the letters and group them together using the padlock icon in the top right corner. Use the rotate tool to centre your font. step 4 - grouping the letters to rotate them and center the word


These simple and straight-forward step-by-step instructions above will allow you to create awesome looking curved text in Canva for some stand-out designs.

For more Canva Text Effects and design hacks, check out our full YouTube Video.

If you found these instructions helpful, please let me know in the comments below and save this pin on you Canva board on Pinterest!

how to create curved text in canva

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