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Digital Education is a resource run by us

We love spending time with our family, we love to travel and share our business knowledge with others and give back where we can!

“US” is.. Katie and Linda... we’re a mother and daughter duo here to share our proven strategies for running an online lifestyle business by optimizing it for passive income

We learned about passive income because we needed a change in our lives.  We decided to step outside our comfort zone, and into a life of purpose and fulfillment by creating an online business that not only creates passive income, but allows us to have a global impact. 

But what is passive income?  And how to we know about this stuff? 

When Linda was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, she decided to make some very big changes in her life.  Her and her husband 'sacked their bosses' of the 9-5 world to buy their own business. “The holiday accommodation industry”..

They spent 10 years building and growing.it… However .. the business model they chose was a real "ball-and-chain" of their time.. They fell into the trap of “Buy a Business Buy a Job” and it had superpowers over them!..

And then… the tumor markers had a spike and that real fear of the cancer coming back.. put Linda into an overwhelming need to get that compass out and start living in the now and not.. When, If,  or Later…

I should have known way back from living on the farm – when Katie was selling eggs to the local motel and bagging up sheep manure for the kindy mums, she was born to be an entrepreneur!  I couldn’t be more proud to be on this journey with her as she creates a legacy for her daughters!

Katie had left a professional career as a Pharmacist to join her family in the Hospitality industry and run her own business with her partner, and 5 years later with the 2nd baby on the way..

…It was obvious that a business that demanded so much time from you, wasn’t what she wanted for her new family.. She’d watched her mum (Linda) work all her life and while Katie wasn’t afraid of work..she didn’t want to give her own life to it and miss out on her kids and husband.

While working our hospitality businesses we’ve collectively gained 15 years experience , and one of the biggest discoveries was that.. As we improved our business systems to be more automated we discovered we were affiliate marketers in an active sense. The appeal of affiliate marketing in a passive sense was intriguing and we saw a way out of being so time committed to our businesses!

The real power we found during this time was we could take control of our future. Running an online business built around passive income allowed us to spend more time with our families, travel and looking after ourselves and we wanted to share the what we’ve learned with other people in similar situations.

Why do we want to do that?
Well, it ‘s not about the  money or fame, our primary motivation for everything we do is so we can plan our days around family, not around our business!

SO.. Do you want to know what else lights us up?  Making people feel they they are enough and they can really do this!

When we first started our hospitality businesses the online world was certainly there but not like it is today and the brick and mortar business is now up against a whole new Competition.

It has become remarkably easy to find advice about internet marketing and starting an online businesses.  But what we had found was.. It had gotten harder in finding ethical advice that has been properly tested.

This is where “Digital Education” fits in.. we want you to use our success and failures to reach your own business goals.

If you have been thinking about starting an online business it’s not too late, you’re not alone, and if you’re still a little unsure about how we can help..then we can share with you how we got started with our online business and maybe this suits you better. 

We learned skills needed to get started online from an academy that truly has business models to suit you.  They shared strategies that had us earning commission in our first month of marketing!

So feel free to spend some time exploring the same on-demand workshops we first watched to get a sense of what’s involved, so you don’t have to pay some sketchy “online business guru” 

There are no promises of overnight success, but they do offer you business models and blueprints that have proven track records. We get to work with great mentors and we’re proud to be part of a growing community of like-minded people.

If you’re a person who knows  the hard yards and commitment it takes to build a business…
…then you will be in the top % for success!

You need to go into this from the perspective of an education that leads to business income. Not the other way around.
We’re not trying to convince you, in fact, don’t believe us or anyone else for that matter. Base your choice on what feels right after you watch the workshops. 

Take The Step… Give Yourself The Chance…Join Us – USE THIS LINK

There is certainly no shortage of opportunities out there for those who want it enough

It just STARTS with getting the right education...       A Digital Education